Saint Patrick’s parish is unusual in that it does not push for immediate parish registration.  We realize that many times visitors will register to become parishioners and then quickly lose interest in the parish (for whatever reason).

Saint Patrick’s parish appeals to a specific type of person or family.  If you desire worship within a smaller community of believers where everyone is friendly and welcoming, we will probably appeal to you. If you want to be warmly greeted, accepted without question and for others to know your name, you will most likely enjoy our parish.  If, on the other hand, you wish to enter a church anonymously, escape at Communion, and not be part of a social parish family, this parish will most likely not appeal to you.  We do not compete with neighboring Roman Catholic parishes, rather, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and offer beautiful worship to those who join us.

As you sit and prepare for Mass, recollect your thoughts and be quiet with God.  This is the ideal time to prepare our consciences for General Sacramental Absolution of all sins in preparation for Holy Communion.  The Welcome you will receive from those around you will tell you something beyond value: that there is a genuine warmth and sincerity to this parish community.

Once you have worshipped with us for a time, feel free to approach the Pastor to complete the registration process and thereby welcome you into the parish.  This takes only a few minutes.  Based upon your own life of faith, we will work with you to complete any deficient sacraments of initiation which may be lacking.  To become an active member of our parish, you will also be asked to complete a stewardship pledge card for the current year.  It is important to note that each active member, while being required to make a pledge, is able to determine for themselves the amount of their pledge.  The amount of our annual pledge drive is the basis for our annual budget and what we rely on for parish expenses.  This parish also donates 10% of our offerings  to fund social outreach programs which benefit both our active members and the greater community around us.