Sacraments of Initiation

This parish celebrates the Sacraments of
Baptism and Confirmation
According to the
Rites of the Roman Catholic Church

A person (whether an infant or an adult) enters the life of the church through the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism and Confirmation.

We administer both of these sacraments at Saint Patrick Catholic Church, without the difficulties often seen in our neighboring Roman Catholic parishes.  Our Pastor was ordained by a bishop in direct line with Roman Catholic bishops. The sacraments celebrated here at St. Patrick’s are authentic and valid Roman Catholic Church sacraments, although these sacraments are celebrated without the permission of the local Roman Catholic bishop.

Infant Baptism is celebrated on Sunday during 10:30 AM Mass, after first being scheduled with the parish.  Baptisms are celebrated individually and are personalized.  We offer baptism to infants of single parent families, and to families in which parents are not presently married.  We do not require classes before the celebration of the sacrament.  The Godparents are of your own choosing, however, we do require that the chosen Godparents be baptized themselves. We encourage you to choose Godparents who you are confident will model a life-long example of morality and faith for your child.

Adult Baptism occurs following a time of inquiry, worship with the community, and demonstration of a basic knowledge of what it means to be a Christian within the Catholic tradition.  This can be accomplished quickly and slowly, depending upon the individual.  You will need Godparents who will act as your sponsors for the sacrament.  The Godparents are required to be baptized and setting a good example with their lives.

Adult Confirmation occurs at adult baptisms so that the recipient will have celebrated two of the three sacraments of initiation, and would be welcomed to receive their first Holy Communion at the next Mass they attended.

Confirmation (for older children, adults who have already been baptized but never confirmed, and adults who were confirmed within other non-Catholic faith traditions) is celebrated once a year on Pentecost Sunday.  It is necessary that your sponsor for this sacrament who has already been confirmed within a Catholic church.

Celebrating the Sacraments of Initiation should never be within a vacuum.  You are joining a new soul to Christ in a unique way and becoming part of a community of believers. The first step towards these sacraments is for you to attend Mass with us as a visitor and if you are comfortable with the community, then approach for the sacraments.