The Celebration of Funerals
is according to the
Rites of the Roman Catholic Church

“The Souls of the Just are in the Hands of God……”

One of the saddest realities of life is the realization that as you approach its completion, you do so apart from a Catholic community, or worse, separated and out of communion with a parish you supported all your life due to a remarriage or other circumstance.

In Rhode Island, half of the Catholics in the state are remarried without the benefit of a church approved annulment.  This is simply a fact of life.

When one is remarried without an annulment, all rights and privileges (with the exception of church support, of course) are taken away and the individual is entitled to no benefit of their Roman Catholic Church membership, since they are no longer in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.  This includes even a Catholic funeral Mass.

Have you ever wondered why so many funeral services are conducted at the funeral home for people who you saw at Mass?  Sadly, many simply do not quality for a Catholic Funeral

Saint Patrick’s, as an accepting Catholic community, understands the sadness associated with death and never shuts its door to members or non-members desiring a Catholic Funeral.  Funerals and Memorials have been celebrated at our church.  Freedom of music and the ability for a family member to deliver a eulogy are often very important to the wishes of the deceased.  We allow this at our church.

Please keep this in mind when a funeral director calls you back with the sad message that a relative, due to their remarriage, simply does not qualify for a Roman Catholic Funeral Mass.  The Mass can be celebrated with us, affording the deceased loved one the proper dignity and respect as a child of God, for that is what we are…..children of a loving Father.