St. Patrick’s Thanksgiving Baskets 2016

From our table………….
…… your table, with love

A ministry of love and kindness by the parishioners and friends of Saint Patrick Church in Cranston, Rhode Island.
This year, we are once again reaching out to the greater community on Thanksgiving Day, bringing happiness on a day which can often be one of sadness for families who lack the basic necessities.

Turkey Certificates and baking pans will be provided for the baskets compliments of the Pastor!

Please return items to church no later than November 13th.
Please purchase and assemble the following items in bags. If you are using two bags for one basket, please join them for easy identification:

1 (Large) or 2 (Smaller) Bags of Poultry Stuffing (for a 1-12 pound turkey)
1 (larger) Box of instant potatoes
2 (15 oz) cans of Cranberry Sauce
6 (15 oz) cans of Vegetables of your choice
2 (15 oz) cans of poultry gravy
2 Boxes of Jiffy or equivalent cranberry loaf bread mix
2 Boxes of Jiffy or equivalent corn bread mix
2 Boxes of Jell-o gelatin (any flavor)
1 Small box of tin foil
4 disposable aluminum bread loaf pans

God Bless your generosity towards those in need around us!